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 WLE list

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WLE list Vide
PostSubject: WLE list   WLE list EmptyWed Feb 24, 2010 2:21 am

What is WLE?

If you don't know, Metro is a college prep school, and most go to college so they can pursue a career. The Workplace Learning Experience(WLE) is a 10 week program designed to give Upper House (11th+12th graders) a chance to figure out what it is they would like to do. Upperhouse will get every Wednesday off for 10 weeks to intern/volunteer at a workplace they've picked out. The purpose is to find a career you're interested in, or if you have, to get some firsthand experience and see if it's a right fit.

This is a student compiled list of some of these workplaces.
To add to this list, please post your workplace's name, what time of business/organization it is, Mentor's name, and contact info if possible, and perhaps a website URL.

Student Organization Type Mentor Address Phone Website
Walter Mack Ocean Ave Vet HospitalVeterinary Hospital Susan Nyitrai(RVT)1001 OceanAve(SF) (415) 586-5327- Office
Walter Mack San Francisco Orphan Mammals Program(SFROMP) Non-profit wildlife shelter Jamie Ray(Director) Private(It's her home). Private. Email:

Walter Mack- Alumni '10
UC Merced
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WLE list

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