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 Outline for reflection/final exam

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Outline for reflection/final exam Vide
PostSubject: Outline for reflection/final exam   Outline for reflection/final exam EmptyMon Jan 11, 2010 11:08 pm

Ok here it is. I hope it helps! Its not how I wanted to look like. All the bullet points disapeared and the color is HORRIBLE!


Personal Connections

Academic concepts
-developing thesis
-effectivley structure
-argument with audiance in mind
-idea of what I am writting about (i.d.)

How has writing about Identity affect or change the way I view the world.
-In order to write about i.d. I had to incestigate the idea of it.
-made me think about the person I am and the way other people see me.

Academic work

the essential concepts, understanding that this artifact demonstrate are... (Use transition deviseto show I have already talked about it in the previous paragraph)
Explain process in order to have finished this paper -step by step.
-Read book and supplimental text
-crafted a thesis
-wrote the main three points I wanted to talk aobut (the topic sentence of each body paragraph)
-wrote one paragraph at a time and revised it before moving on to the next one.

difficulty in the process of writing the essay
-how it was overcome

21st Century Leadership Skills

Managing projects efectivley
-Goning after school/lunch time to teacher to have conversations about the essay. Usually and idea will come up
-Time: at home and school
-made goals I can meet although they weren't exactly "goals"

Colaborating productably
-reaching out for help
-revising others work as well as my self
-had other people revise my work
-had conversatons with people (teachers as well as students) to find the help I needed

Thinking critically
-The connection between the supplimental text and the book
-I considered the differnet prospectives of identity
-Used evidence to help prove the point of the argument (thesis)in my essay
-collected evidence from diffrent sources e.g. teachers and students aswell as the supplimental text
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Outline for reflection/final exam

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